HCA Boys Basketball


HCA Basketball Program

Guiding principle: Building Men to love God, to transform HCA and change the world for Christ.  

Yearly Goals

  1. Represent Christ to Everyone 
  2. Create lasting memories/events/fun – ex. scrap book, charge chain
  3. Play the correct way/fundamentals – 3 Offense (assists/turnovers, free throw rate/# shots, jump stops/pump fakes), 3 Defense (charges/layups, rebounding %, deflections & breadbasket/fouls)
  4. Create program plan & personal plans – 360 review: parents, coaches, teammates, others

When players graduate what foundations do they have?

  1. He has a brotherhood around him and rejects passivity – above the line, below the line. Proactive v. reactive
  2. He prays, cares and shares the gospel with others and knows his story/testimony while accepting responsibility
  3. He knows his core values and leads courageously
  4. He has a life plan and is creating a legacy

Building the program 

Four Pillars (words = Jo`y, enthusiasm & grit)

  1. Love God
  2. Love others
  3. Love your self
  4. Work hard and have a teachable spirit“

Actions to build the program

  1. Training in elementary 
    1. Camps, mentoring, coaches, funneling
  2. Accountability / Vision
  3. Team building (core competencies/fun)
  4. Serving in the community & school