Creating Legacy

Creating Legacy

As we have mentioned in previous communications and in our handbook, our focus is going to be on building Men of God and creating Legacy while being excellent at basketball.

Over this summer and school year, each young man is going to be equipped to create Legacy by learning 7 core competencies and having an active faith through PCS!  (Prayer, Care & Share)

The core competencies are:

  1. Understanding how God has wired you and your personality
  2. Knowing your Spiritual Gifts
  3. Understanding your desired pathways in pursuing God
  4. Developing core values
  5. Creating your story.  The before Christ, the conversion and the after testimonies.
  6. What are your life dreams, yearly goals and word of the year?
  7. Who is your circle or brotherhood? The Paul, Barnabas & Timothy example

All of this does not work if we are self centered instead of God and other centered.  That is where the PCS comes in every day:

P = are you praying for people daily?

C= are you physically/financially helping someone daily?

S= are you sharing the gospel daily?

Without this outward expression, our faith is empty and non-reproducing.  Our hope as coaches is that each of your young men continue expanding their story and testimony of how awesome their God is.