Program Mission and Focus

Program Mission and Focus

The coaches have been hard at work with some clarifications and focus for the basketball program.  The About page on this website outlines our program’s guiding principal and serves as a draft handbook so everyone is on the same page moving forward.

A few additional comments:

  1. Our focus is to help your boys grow into men of God who transform the world for Christ.  We will do that by constant reinforcement of foundational biblical principals (to be further explained) so they can leave an eternal legacy.
  2. We want joy to be a constant companion on our journey
  3. We want to provide clarity regarding our expectations of the players in regards to their walk with Christ and their improvement on the coourt
  4. It would be fantastic if you include the program and school as a part of your daily prayers
  5. Currently, there are six coaches and 23 players.  Each coach is going to help shepherd 4 kids by contacting them once a week and seeing how they are doing.
  6. Please remember that the coaches are not perfect but will do our best to be constantly more like Christ.
  7. We are purchased a shooting machine over the summer that will be a great tool for the team

Thank you for the opportunity to love your kids.   We look forward to any feedback or questions that you may have.   

Coach Kyle